This is the complete log on how this project is going and what is going on with it. When things are done to the cabinet then a day will be logged on the project. Videos will be available to download too (in WMV format).

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08 Dec 2007

Day 1 - Moving Day

15 September 2005

It didn't help that this cabinet has spent the last few years in my mom's room holding paint cans. It also didn't help it spent the other 6 years in my childhood bedroom doing nothing but taking up space. So the day finally arrived and the cabinet was being moved... To my dad's garage.

Usually things in my dad's garage were put there to never be found again, but I was smart and placed it in the front to be found whenever someone dared to tread in no-man's land.

With the aid of family and friends we made the trip, 2 miles down the road, to drop off the cabinet to its new home.

Materials Used:
A truck

The video gives some examples of what Windows Movie Maker can do, since Premiere decided it didn't like the videotype from my wife's camera. Ooh well, I know my Xbox can play it so it don't matter to me.

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Day 2 - Sand and Drill Start

1 October 2005

So since I was lucky enough to have a 3-Day weekend and my wife is very nice to me, we spent some money on materials and went to my mom's house for supplies. My friend Sara came along to help as well.

Firstly we removed all the hardware from the cabinet then sanded the cabinet down to the best of our ability, trying to get all the old tack glue from the crud they put on the cabinet beforehand. It was a terrible maroon colour and it didn't suit the cabinet at all... But I digress.

So after that bit of work, Sara had to go and I decided I may as well drill some holes for the miscellaneous cables to be threaded through. I borrowed some power from the neighbour and drilled two holes, one on each side of the cabinet. These will be places for DDR plugs and such to go through. Yeah, they will dangle a little but it would be easier to dangle there than to floss them from the bottom. This will also go well with having other people play games with you with their remote controls. If the DDR thing really needs the cabling from the bottom, then I will drill those holes later. I used a hole-saw that was 2 1/2" for a grommet of the same size to be put on later.

After sanding down the cabinet and cleaning the holes up, I realized that I needed to do some wood putty work on this cabinet and couldn't go any further.

Materials Used:
220 Grit Sandpaper
2 1/2" Hole-Saw

Since this is Day 2, I tried to get every step videotaped so you could see how it was done. If I did miss anything, I am very sorry and I will rectify that next time. I also need to fill the void of all the work. Maybe better audio?

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Day 3 - Sand and Primer

15 October 2005

Since I had a few hours to kill while I was in Lorain, I decided to bring my wife and the camera along to do some work on RES.

Before we even could do work, we had to buy a painters' brush and some painters' tape. In the lapse of everything, we forgot those parts when we were buying things.

After that, sanding had to be done to make sure things were smooth in some places that didn't need puttying. After that, puttying needed to be done where there was chunks in the wood (and of course more sanding and cleaning).

We used spray primer, mainly on a tip from the people at the hardware store. It worked pretty well, I was pleased. The wood did drink the primer and two cans were needed.

The end result looked like a white blotchy cabinet, which didn't give me much of a thrill to look at, but there was progress nonetheless.

Materials Used:
3M Painters' Tape
220 Grit Sandpaper
2 Cans of Spray Primer
Painters' Brush
Wood Putty

One little sidenote I should mention. When sanding down something this large, you should get a sanding block. I rubbed the heel of my hand raw sanding this cabinet completely down.

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Day 4 - Day of Wreckoning

30 October 2005

This day turned out pretty bad, all the way around. Sure, on Day 3 I scraped my hand. That's nothing compared to rain, wind, cats fighting and tempers soaring.

So today we attempted to paint the cabinet with spraypaint. Bad idea. These attempts are shown and also show why it was a failure. Runs everywhere. I caught most of them with my fingers but the damage was pretty bad.

The next trick is we went back to the hardware store and got foam brushes and some Rustoleum. This stuff was thick and gloopy and kept breaking the sponge brushes. Very hard to wash off your hands. Made me even more mad because I wanted normal paint.

So we painted until we couldn't do anymore because of the wind was blowing rocks, leaves and anything else onto the wet paint. I packed up and left. Didn't go back for awhile because I figured the cabinet was pretty ruined...

Turns out the cabinet dried very well, I am sure there will need to be touch up where there were leaves and maybe some sanding, but otherwise it worked well. Still, Day 4 wasn't our day.

Materials Used:
Many Sponge Brushes
Can of Rustoleum
Black Spray Paint (for those hard to reach places)

The thing to take home today is to remember that this is a project. Putting a deadline on a project is even worse when you are financially strapped. If you are going to do a project, do it for yourself; if you're not into it that day then step away while you have your sanity.

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Day 5 - Reign of Rain

11 March 2006

More rain and wind, but we survived Day 5 with a few moments of sunshine, enough to put the most work that we have ever put into RES.

First stop was the hardware store to grab some more paint and brushes. After we got back, we sanded down all the coin mechs and doors, painted them twice. Then the rain happened. So everything went inside for a bit.

While inside the garage me and my wife painted the sides of the cabinet. That's pretty much all that was done, but boy howdy it sure looks nice.

Materials Used:
Many Sponge Brushes
Can of Rustoleum Metal Finish Spray Paint
Black Spray Paint (Gloss Finish)

The final thought for today is that when you have enough people to help with the project, and some good tunes when you remember to bring a radio, the day turns out pretty nice. Plus the 5-gallon paint sturrers make nice paddles.

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