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More Website Updates (0 Comments)
09 Dec 2007

I am really liking CuteNews. Props to my big brother, Tony, for putting it on. I had to edit the old news to the new format, but that was easy. I just had to convert some Unix TimeStamps. Gotta love JavaScript pages that help out in a time of need:

I will be adding more of the history into this in a bit, right now I just want to sleep. Tomorrow I will be heading to Columbus for the meeting on where RES will be and how it will be set up. I hope it's facing a door, that'd be sweet!

New Buttons and Website Work (0 Comments)
08 Dec 2007

This is just a quick update to show you that the news is working again, though I have to figure out how to fix the formatting and everything. I will update all the major events soon. Look at the shiny buttons on the left though.

If you forgot, the old buttons used to look like this:

So thank goodness for my Photoshop skills. I figured this would be a nice looking change for sure. I may just change my other skins to reflect this soon as well. Depends on how much time before the unveiling.

Well, gotta go, it's nearly 3am and I have a full day's work ahead of me.

Joystick Woes (0 Comments)
02 Jun 2006

RES on a computer emulates perfectly, the button hits are exactly what you would want. I like how you can use the keyboard while using the X-Arcade, with a wireless keyboard it is a perfect solution. It's a nice piece of machinery. It works well with Ikaruga on the Dreamcast too. Just the Xbox controller could be a whole lot better. I contacted them about that today, I hope to get a response on Monday.

The second woe is the the exploding cherry and the missing contact pin for the cherry to stay in place. My friend Sara, seen in How-to Part 2, was here to test out RES and she tried the joystick. Immediately she noticed the cherry problem while playing Metal Slug and told me about it. I showed her what happened and she was a bit saddened. That was an expensive joystick to have break on me.

I have a drill and I need to get some staples. Once I do then I can staple the overlay to the bottom of the cabinet and be done with that part.

I do regret that this is a 1-player cabinet, especially yesterday when I was not able to do some 2-player fun. My next cabinet will be a 2-player cab for sure.

Speaking of the next cabinet, I would like to find a better way of connecting all the cherry wires to "da bomb". Right now it's a bit too much to unscrew everything to rescrew it in. I think I will modify it to do something with a printer port 25 pin cabling system. The X-Arcade system relies on 40 pins going external to the cabinet, so placing these on some sort of plug in, I can just yank "da bomb" to any cabinet I need it in, if I do go to a 2 player cabinet.

That's it for right now, I have a thousand other projects I need to work on as well, so I will update a bit later.

RES Version 0.5 (0 Comments)
21 May 2006

We bounced ahead a bit didn't we? Well, this is a pretty nice day for the RES Project. Look at that joy panel and look at that bass speaker hole. It's not all whistles and bells, let me explain a bit more.

On Saturday Christina, myself and friends named Ryan and John grabbed the RES cabinet and took it to a place called Northcoast Woodsmiths. Vince, who I have been working with for awhile to get this done was there and helped me out quite a bit. Essentially the list of things that was needed was easily knocked out and I was on my way back. The price was good and I was happy.

When I got the cabinet home I started putting things together and noticed it wasn't all puppies and kittens.

  • The cabinet needs repainting. This was an obvious aspect, but just wanted everyone to understand that this cabinet is going to look good when done. Right now it has a lot of wood putty on it from all the splintering, as you can see. The back of the cabinet looks just as bad though.
  • The plexiglass I got is too dark, just as dark as the glass part I have; essentially I need to get a bezel and then get some clear plexi for the front.
  • The joy panel came together with some blood, sweat and tears.
    • Firstly, the biggest issue I am facing right now on the panel is that the black overlay doesn't want to stay stuck to the wood. I have it taped down with painter's tape until I can get a staple gun to the wood.
    • The locks I purchased turned in the wrong direction for the joy panel; I had to break apart a lock to fix it's direction. After installing the lock and cutting my thumb many times while placing it, everything looks good on the joy panel.
    • When putting the contacts on the cherries on my Mag-Stik Plus, the cherry exploded and a contact pin broke off in the process. I put another cherry in its place and it's firmly placed there, but that scared the heck out of me.
  • The monitor isn't a snug fit and allows for entering and exiting, but the whole wasn't cut center either. The solution is wedging paper for the moment but later I am hoping for more of a rubber bumper solution so I am not breaking the plastic on the monitor.
Now those are just the rants about putting this thing together. Here is the biggest rant of them all. X-Arcade has latency! I spent a lot of money on that gizmo for latency. What is the deal with this? The idea was to simulate an arcade, not wait for Pacman to decide to turn around. So yes, this is an issue because when trying to do time-critical maneuvers like a Sub-Zero freeze and uppercut, this is unacceptable. Okay, this may be a me issue or a them issue, I am not sure yet. I will call and find out if there is anything I can do.

Right now I dub this project 1/2 finished. It needs more work and it shall get it in the coming weeks. Now, the video is not finished for Day 6 since I slapped stuff together. I will have a video when I have more stuff done.

The things that need done at this moment is:

- Stapling of overlay to wood
- Getting a clear piece of plexiglass for bezel
- Getting a bezel for the monitor
- Place speakers
- Place fans
- Cut hole in coin drawer area to allow Dreamcast to be placed there
- Sand and another coat of paint on cabinet
- Repaint coin drawers and coin mechanism
- Get/Make a spiffy decal that says COIN in reverse red

This is just the list to make it RES v1. Other versions to come of course, but I want it to be finished with that aspect then later some more fun stuff.

I guess all the excitement has made me tired, so I better get going. Keep those camera safely rolling and if I don't get to bed immediately, distract my wife so she doesn't know I am working on the cabinet. :P

RES v0.02 and Updates (0 Comments)
17 May 2006

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. What about these 2 pictures? The large desk was a gift from my sister-in-law, Jessica. Yes, I needed more bench space for the product and she delivered in spades. The other piece of happiness is the finished joy panel that was made by Jack Thompson. Lets all stare at that for a moment.

I bought a lot from Jack in fact, it was quite inexpensive and has good deals. He created that board for RES and drilled the bits to my specifications. The only thing I need to do is drill some holes for screws, add the overlay and the plexi-glass and then we have a joy panel.

On Saturday RES is going in the shop for some major overhauling. We are going to:

- Add a bass speaker hole
- Bend the metal grill for bass speaker hole
- Add a fan hole
- Bend the metal grill for the fan hole
- Extend the monitor hole
- Add mounting brackets for monitor
- Drill holes on joy panel for joystick
- Extend key hole on joy stick panel
- Smooth front edge of joy panel
- Trim and smooth Plexiglass to fit panel

I need to make sure all the things that need to be mounted are with me, so I should prepare. We are hoping to film this as well, so you may get to see another exciting installment.

I do need to repaint all of the cabinet and fixtures again due to the move, things got scratched and botched up. I need to get some paint remover for the coin door and slots. The only thing I am missing for the coin door is a red sticker that says "Coin". I guess I can make my own and put it on there later.

That's it for the update. I am extremely sleepy and excited for the coming days of action. I'll keep everyone posted. Also when Jack Thompson's website is ready, I'll put that link on the left of the website. :) Thanks Jack!

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