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Cabinetry Experts Needed (0 Comments)
29 Apr 2006

I contacted a few local cabinetry experts around town to see about getting some extra stuff done with the cabinet. I sent them to this address to see what they can do.

Essentially, to recap:
  • Hole in the front of the cabinet widened to a square 17.5" by 17.5" for Monitor
  • Holes in the front and back to measure 4.25" by 4"
  • Grills for small holes to be bent into shape
Nothing big, most likely 1/2 hour work and I would be glad to pitch in and help as well.

Making a Hole (or 4) (0 Comments)
25 Apr 2006

So Jack is building the controller board and I have the monitor. I even have the mounting equipment. However, I have hit a few snags on the project. This is the list of snags and what is needed to complete the cabinet portion:
  1. Monitor Hole Needs Widened
    Looking at this bezel piece, the sides and top and bottom of that hole measure exactly to 17.5", which is the width I need for the monitor. However, it doesn't stay that way, it slopes in for the original arcade monitor mount, which is just a few screws
  2. Monitor Mount Needs Made and Placed
    As I mentioned in my last post, this monitor is just serving as a template to judge by for monitors. I think sawing the bezel hole to 17.5" will do the trick for the monitor, though something needs to support the monitor's weight. After we are able to slip the monitor in and out then this shelving (4 posts for support). For future monitors, I can move the support to where it is needed and not worry.
  3. Bass Speaker Hole
    Remember back in the day, I had a picture that showed where the bass speaker was going? It's not going to be oval anymore just due to how hard that would be, but just a square in the middle. I have a grill made for it, but the hole just needs to be made and the grill needs to be bent into place for it.
  4. Top Air Vent
    With a large monitor inside a wood box, you want to make sure that you are getting ample air venting. There is an intake at the bottom of the cabinet but there was never an outtake made. An air outtake needs to be made at the top of the cabinet so the monitor's heat has somewhere to go. Both vents will have 12v fans pushing the air around the cabinet. More sawing and metal bending needed.
  5. Coin Compartment Wall Removal
    Currently both coin drawer compartments have a piece of wood separating the compartments. I either want that piece of wood removed completely or cut out so the holes can be used for other things like housing the Dreamcast and other older consoles as well as keyboards and mice.
  6. Proper Power Grounding
    Currently the cabinet has no grounding capabilities for the power box. That needs to be rewired to allow for full grounding, including leaving the main power switch for the cabinet in place.
  7. LED Sign Bracket Made
    The LED Sign will be held up by a few pieces of flat metal bars. Now, what I would like to do is have those metal bars fold backwards onto the top of the cabinet when I disconnect the LED Sign. This is a sticky situation and may not be possible because the top of the cabinet has a width of 22" and the sign is 25.75". A different bracket may need to be made for that.
  8. Input/Output Panel Made
    This is not a definite, just due to how time consuming this may be, but I would like to have a VGA input/output and RCA Jack input/output made. The main reasons is for projector presentations and awesome sound systems.
Not a small laundry list but if I could find a person who had the talents, it could take a day for the sawing and maybe another day for the metal fabricating. The key is finding someone in the Kent/Akron area.

I think I fried my brain with that list of things. It's almost a let down to see that there are things that I can't do but in the same sense I can't believe we are so close.

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