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When the original order for the record came from the parcel shippers it was bent in an L-shape and left for dead in my front door. I open the box to find it in 3 pieces. We had it reshipped and that was the album used to do the master of the album. The same copy I use today.

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Remastered and Reformatted on CD

For many years I have been looking for this soundtrack in any form, including 8-Track. It is one of the impossible albums to find! I decided to stop my search, but for my last ditch effort is to find an unused record of this soundtrack so I could enjoy it myself. I laughed, because no one could ever be so lucky!

In November of 2000 my wish came true and I payed practically a mint finding one. So my task was at hand...

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The Graphics

I am still working on remastering and putting it on CD, but please feel free to look at what I have done currently for the graphical side of it. When the CD is completed, the graphics will resemble its record-brother but it will sound much cleaner and look better:

Click here to see the restored front cover
Click here to see the restored back cover

Click here to see the restored left liner notes
Click here to see the current right liner notes

The Sound

If you want to hear the difference, take out your record and listen then listen to what I have done on them so far. These are 30-second samples of each of these songs. Some start at the beginning and some towards the middle. Take a listen to the difference, click on one of the song names below (songs are in 96kbit MP3 format to reduce the download size):

Side One
Go For It
Underwater Fantasy
Away From it All
Born To Lose
Kit Mambo

Side Two
Love's Not For Me
With You I Can Run Forever
Bionic Boar
We've Made It To The Top

Completion Lists

This is the list of things for the album right now. It includes graphics and audio that are going to be used. If no master is used, this is what is completed so far:

(Questionable Record Error) Go For It
Underwater Fantasy
Away From it All
Born to Lose
Kit Mambo

Not Completed
CD Labels
Front Booklet Cover
Back Booklet Cover
Back CD Cover
Inside Liner Notes
Inside Credit Notes
With You I Can Run Forever
Love's Not For Me
We've Made It To The Top
(Lots of Beginning Crackle) Zoo
(Static Crackle Throughout) Bionic Boar

Going through these songs I have noticed have some minor clicks that are due to the record that cannot be fixed without finding the master copy of this. I hope this is not a great disappointment to the fans. I will try to get 99% clean copies of everything, that is my guarentee!

Special Thanks

Special thanks goes out to...

Bill's Records - Need a record? Well it is not very simple to get one like it was in the 80's and early 90's! Try this place... They got me this mint record at a wonderful price and they ship anywhere in the US too. YOU GUYS ROCK!

The Tron Page - Another of Lisberger's films, Tron, has many fanpages. This is from a dedicated fan, Guy G. Gordon, who even has cut footage and the Lisberger movie logo. I am going to use the Lisberger logo as an addition for this project! Thanks Guy!

Vicki Fox - Vicki! What can we say about this little vixen of a fox! She is helping us with some lost cells of this work. Yes, a fox can own animation cells too! Visit her site!

Contact Information

If you have any questions, comments or a ceast and desist for remastering this work, please feel free to e-mail me at or visit us at Haslage Net Electronics anytime!

No copies are being sold at this time, so please don't e-mail me for one. Full MP3 versions are not being given out either. Sorry for that little incovenience, but hang tight while I work on this.

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